fp-article-picA small sign reading "Podium Skates" sits below a large sign proclaiming "Prestige Eyewear."  This alerts skaters that they have arrived at the skate store they have heard so much about.  Entering the front door, skate customers will find the skate shop on the left, usually to be greeted at the gate by three very sweet and gorgeous Golden Retrievers.  Lily, Ali and Winnie are our mascots and official greeters; they take their job very seriously.  They are friendly and very generous. They treat everyone to a bit of their fur and Lily will try to kiss anyone who will let her.

Once inside, you will notice there is nothing fancy or pretentious at Podium Skates.  Our focus is 'service' and we aim to provide the finest skate fitting and technical services available anywhere.  Whether you are an Olympian or a newbie, you will be treated with great care and respect.

Skaters that come for a skate fitting are directed to an elevated stage so that the most accurate measurements can be taken. Many times one or more of our Goldens may accompany you. (If, for any reason, you prefer not to interact with our Goldens, they will gladly hang out in their 'Castle' in the back room.)

After measurements are taken, boot and blade recommendations are made based on your level of skating, anatomy of your foot and suggestions that may have been made by your coach.  We want to meet your skating needs, provide you with a comfortable experience and send you out onto the ice with the upmost confidence in your equipment.  

It is a privilege and an honor to take care of so many people who share our passion for the sport of figure skating.  We welcome everyone and care deeply about your needs.  Thank you for being a guest @ Podium Skates!


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