Blade Mounting

blades 1When the boots have been leveled and sealed, it is time to attach the blades to them. As long as the skater has been correctly aligned in the boot, meaning proper arch support has been achieved, the blades may be placed in a centered, neutral position. The skate technician needs to evaluate the whole bottom of the boot, as the skaters feet extend beyond the width of the boot sole.

Once the desired position is determined, the blades are attached with stainless steel screws. Most of the screws supplied with blades are not ideal to use in the mounting process. Some are merely zinc plated, fine for many tasks, but not for the constant exposure to moisture they will encounter. Others have heads that strip out easily, making removal difficult or impossible. Special stainless steel screws are purchased and used at Podium Skates to ensure a lasting secure blade mount. Silicone caulk is applied over all holes before screws are inserted, so water cannot seep in and cause the leather to rot and the screws to loosen. Only enough screws to hold the blade securely for trial are used initially. More are added when the skater is sure the blades are properly aligned for their optimal performance.

  • Policy on Blade Mounting

Because all elements of a boot fitting and blade mounting are intertwined and success at one procedure depends on the other steps before it, we do not mount blades on boots purchased over the internet, by mail, or directly from the manufacturer. We will be happy to mount your used blades to a new boot fit and prepared by us, so long as the size is right and there is sufficient skating life left in the blades.