Skate Sharpening

  • All models of blades are expertly sharpened.

  • Custom depths of hollow are calculated for each skater or choose your own preference.

  • Edges are always square and level when finished, making sure the hollow is perfectly centered.

  • Fine grit sharpening wheels are nearly always used. These provide the smoothest edges and result in the minimum material being removed to restore edge keenness.

  • Some stainless steel blades require a medium grit wheel to obtain a proper sharpening. When this is true, those wheels are dressed very smoothly to provide the same kind of fast, clean edges.

  • Flat Bottom Groove Sharpenings

Sid Broadbent has designed and patented a revolutionary method for preparing wheels to accurately deliver this precise sharpening. Mike has more experience with this system than any other skate technician. This type of sharpening can provide the skater with considerably more speed and flow than a conventional sharpening, while still providing the edge grip a serious skater requires.